Saturday, 30 March 2019

Time flies by....

......and suddenly it's the end of March! How on earth did that happen?

And with the end of March comes Mother's Day. If you're anything like me, this will have crept up on you despite seeing all the cards and gifts in the shops for weeks. 

And so, perhaps you need a quick make for your kids - or yourself. I got my 9 year old and her friend making these gorgeous tissue paper flowers the other day. They then added them to some cards and hey presto, an instant Mothers' Day card!

Here's how to make them....

You will need:
One sheet of tissue paper
Something circular to draw around (I used a jam jar lid!)
A pen and a pair of scissors
A stapler
A piece of card
Glue or sticky tape


How to….

Step 1
Take the piece of tissue paper and fold in half longways, 
then in half longways again.

Step 2
Draw a row of circles using the pen and lid.

Step 3
Cut out the circles. 


Step 4 
Place 8 sheets of tissue paper circles in a pile.

Step 5
Using the stapler, put two staples as close 
to the centre of the circle as possible.


Step 6
Trim the edge of the circles. You can just make some
little snips or a wavy edge. Or you can skip this step 
and leave the edges plain. 


Step 7
Pick up the top circle and pull it all together in the middle.


Step 8
Do the same with the next layer, and then all 
the layers until they are all pulled up.


Step 9
Ta-da! You have just made a pretty tissue paper flower!


Step 10
Using glue or tape, stick the tissue paper flower to the card

Step 11
Draw a stem and some leaves (or cut out leaves 
from some tissue paper and glue in place)


Step 12
Write a message to your mum. She’ll love your beautiful card!

Have a great day, whatever you end up doing! And if, like me, your mum isn't with you anymore, be kind to yourself. I'm hoping to be able to sit outside and  enjoy the sunshine. x

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