Monday, 29 October 2018

Bang Bang Yum Yum

As I'm sure you will have realised by now, I love the summer, especially the sunshine and the long glorious days. The year is moving swiftly on and whilst the sun is still shining, it has suddenly turned bitterly cold. Not really surprising as it IS the end of October, but still...

In an attempt to keep the summer going a little bit longer, we made one of our new favourite salads for lunch. It’s such a hit with everyone in our family that I thought I’d share it with you. 

Even the name makes us smile .... here is our version of Bang Bang Chicken.

To make Bang Bang Chicken for 6 people you will need

2 Romaine Lettuce (or you could use Cos or Little Gem Lettuces)

2 Carrots (peeled and sliced into thin matchsticks)
½ Cucumber (also sliced into thin matchsticks)
4 tbsp Rice Vinegar
2½ tbsp Granulated Sugar
Pinch of Salt

Cooked Chicken (we used 6 chicken breasts, but you could also roast a chicken)

For the sauce you will need

140g Smooth Peanut Butter
1 tbsp Sweet Chilli Sauce
2½ tbsp Toasted Sesame Oil
3 tbsp Vegetable Oil
½ tbsp Soy Sauce

What to do to make Bang Bang Chicken

First, put the carrots and cucumbers in a bowl and mix together. 

Make a syrup by heating the sugar, a pinch of salt and the rice vinegar in a saucepan. Dissolve the sugar and then simmer for 1-2 minutes until it becomes syrupy. 

Pour the hot syrup over the vegetables. Put to one side, stirring occasionally.

Secondly, make the sauce. Place the peanut butter, sweet chilli sauce, toasted sesame oil, vegetable oil and soy sauce in a bowl. Place this over a pan of simmering water so that the ingredients melt to form the sauce. Otherwise the peanut butter is a bit claggy and difficult to mix!

Next, shred the cooked chicken. 

Cut the lettuce into strips. Heap onto a platter.

Using a slotted spoon, take the carrots and cucumber from the vinegar mix. Place on top of the lettuce.

Grab a big handful of the chicken and put it on top of the carrots & cucumber. Pour some sauce over this pile, then add the rest of the chicken. Add some more sauce. 

Being a gravy-loving family we like to have a jug of sauce on the side! You never know when you might need a top-up! 

Place in the middle of the dining table and be prepared for the oohs and aahs...Enjoy!

And, as you can see, there wasn't much left. Pity, I was hoping to have some for lunch tomorrow!

(You can download a printable copy of the recipe by clicking HERE)

Happy Autumn to you all! x

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Getting things done....

If I were to write a list of significant songs for my life, something along the lines of Desert Island Discs, then Girl of 100 Lists by The Go-Go's would definitely be on it.

I’ve been writing lists for as long as I can remember. I’ve always got a notebook ‘on the go’ for my daily lists, my doodles and anything else that feels worthy of note in that moment. To be honest, these notebooks are probably more effective than a diary to show what was going on in my head at that time.

We’re currently in the process of moving house. The 'to do' lists are looooong! I’m so focussed on sorting out the gazillion boxes of ‘stuff’ hidden in the depths of the cupboards and the attic spaces (yes, we have three and a half glory holes in the house plus a loft space in the garage; all of which have been full!) that I’m even having to write down obvious things like LUNCH and 'post birthday cards' (apologies to both my cousin & my oldest friend that I didn’t re-read the list until after the final post had been collected!).

Interestingly, and not really surprisingly to those who know me well, in my sorting I've found more notebooks than are currently in stock at Paperchase! Most of them are full - some are work notebooks as shown below, some are home ones with plans for a quilt drawn in the margins or sketches of a dress or bag notes from church or lists or bright ideas or fun drawings that the girls have done whilst waiting for something or other. 

We’ve lived in this house for almost 18 years; I’m not very good at getting rid of things. And even with the best will in the world - and a 100 lists - it’s sometimes hard to get going...and keep going...

Wish me luck!