Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A little box of loveliness.

Loveliness....after my promise of more loveliness this year, I've been a bit slack. That's not to say there hasn't been any, just that I haven't told you about it. Yet!

So, today's lovely thing is this box of food. It's Wednesday, which in our house is swimming day. Both girls have lessons straight after school. Unfortunately they're not at the same time so my afternoon is spent poolside. 

And since the last lesson finishes so late, I need to bring their food with us. I love making these boxes. Neither girl particularly likes sandwiches so it's always a challenge to find something they'll eat and with enough variety.

Here's today's offering:

Houmous wraps (cream cheese for my littlest), slices of ham rolled up, cucumber, red pepper, a little pot of joy (almonds, sunflower & pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries) and a KitKat. 

Yum! I wish that was for me!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Love is..... a crochet heart

Happy Valentine's Day, lovely people! 

My current love is these gorgeous crochet hearts. I determined to work out how to make them and now that I have, I can honestly say that they are SO easy!! One of my friends teases me whenever I say this, but, believe me, it really is easy - once you know how!!!

I found a great video tutorial that I watched several times before realising she was talking American-crochet-speak. Once I'd wired out the UK equivalent, there was no stopping me!

Here's the link to the video tutorial : 


For those of you who prefer either the UK version or in written form, here's what to do -

Make a magic ring
Chain 3
Double treble 3
Treble 3
Double treble 1
Treble 3
Double treble 3
Chain 3
Slip stich through the centre of the ring
Pull the end tight to close the ring and form the heart, then tie off.

See, I told you it was easy!!

These photos aren't the best but they show 1) & 2) making the magic ring 3) having chained 3 and double trebled 3 and 4) half a heart.

The size of your heart will depend on the type of wool used and also the size of your crochet hook, but rest assured, anything goes. You'll soon have a little pile of gorgeous crochet hearts to play with!

I crocheted a long chain and attached the bigger hearts to make some lovely bunting (photo evidence to be added later, sorry!). I added brooch backs to the little ones for Valentine's gifts. 

Crochet-love is a real thing in our house. I'll tell you more next time!

Much love for a happy Valentine's Day.