Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Lovely TASTY things....

It's Pancake Day! Hooray! 

In keeping with the age-old tradition, we had pancakes for tea tonight. And in keeping with my own tradition, I wonder - yet again - why we don't have pancakes more often!?!

I always use this recipe from the Dairy Diary Cookery Book published way back when... I don't know when! Late 80's perhaps? This is my 'go-to' book for all traditional recipes. My mum gave me a copy when I went away to university - although using it was challenging since my accommodation during that first year away only had a toaster and a microwave! But that's another story....

So today, I attempted to make a stack of pancakes, and as always they were gobbled up as soon as they left the pan! In fact I had to demand that 2 were saved for me!

On a need-to-know basis, I need to know what your favourite pancake topping is? Do tell! 

I don't think you can beat lemon juice and granulated sugar for the best tradition of all time. I did throw in a banana this year (with chocolate spread and squirt cream, it's true; but hey, there was fruit in there!!), but that's living a little crazy in my opinion.

I remember one year when I was about 7 or 8, my mum decided - in a vague attempt to be healthy - that we should have sweet AND savoury pancakes. Bleurgh! I DO NOT recommend tuna and sweetcorn pancakes. Thankfully, she didn't do that again!!!

And of course we took the 'how many times can you flip the pancake challenge'. 

The cat is not amused...

My eldest reached 20 before the pancake went splat on the floor. The littlest managed a brilliant one-handed effort.

All of this to use up the eggs and fat before Lent begins tomorrow. Do you give anything up for Lent? I'm not going to this year. Instead I'm going to try to drink 2 litres of water each day. I barely drink any (unless it's caffeinated), so I'm hoping this will change my habit for the better.

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  1. That’s the recipe I use too Jo! I’m a simple lemon & sugar gal myself. The kids had banana, kiwi, chocolate spread, maple syrup, ice cream & squirty cream - yes, all in one pancake! Forgot to flip em. Can you believe that? The vultures were hovering. Let’s have them next time you’re over for craft club x


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