Monday, 20 April 2015

Week Two : 100 days of LOVELINESS

Another week of really lovely things. Here are the photos from this last week - 

8/100 Crafting for pre-schoolers celebrating the sunshine
9/100 Letter writing - an off overlooked craft
10/100 Water fights in the back garden
11/100 Fundraising for Water Aid at a Pamper Night
12/100 Liberty fabric
13/100 Homemade Granola
14/100 Sewing at home
15/100 Hanging washing on the line to dry

More loveliness next week.


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Week One : 100 days of LOVELINESS

The first week of LOVELINESS is over and, I have to say, I'm really enjoying this project - it's been so nice thinking about all the lovely things that happen every day. And sometimes, it's surprising just how many lovely things there are, too! 

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you'll have seen my photos every day. In case you don't, here they are:

1/100 Mells Daffodil Festival
2/100 Bath Abbey
3/100 a day trip to Weston-super-Mare
4/100 exploring with friends at Willsbridge Mill
5/100 teaching Grandad to play Temple Run on the iPad 
6/100 my Nan (who would've been 98 on that day)
7/100 reminiscing and enjoying the view

Hope you're enjoying it so far!!

More next week....

Monday, 6 April 2015

And so, 100 days of LOVELINESS begins...

"100 days of what?" I hear you cry! Well, I've decided to join in with a new project being run by The Great Discontent magazine and Elle Luna. It's called the 100 Days Project and we are being encouraged to 'make' something for 100 days. You can read more about it here and more about Elle here. It begins today so that will take us up to sometime mid July.

Now, whilst I'm thoroughly liking the whole concept and completely relish the idea of 100 days of making, I also know my limitations very well.  I always have the very best of intentions but, more often than not, don't manage to adhere to them. (I still haven't managed to sit down to write a proper old-fashioned letter to my best friend yet this year and I fully intended to do that at least once a month - to top up the more regular emails, you understand...) 

So, I pondered long and hard about what to do. 100 days of making? Sounds divine, but making what exactly? Dinner?! I definitely do that every day but I'm not sure that counts as a challenge. 100 days of sewing? That would be fabulous but reality says I'd be lucky if this happened once a week, let alone every day. I went all around the houses and came right back here - such lovely things! At the beginning of the year I promised you more loveliness and, as I mentioned earlier, I haven't quite done all I intended. 

100 days of LOVELINESS is my intent - and I'm determined to stick with it. I'm going to be posting every day on Instagram and on Facebook. If you would like to follow my quest - and offer encouragement - you can find me on Instagram here or using the hashtag #100daysofloveliness or on my Facebook page here. I also hope to bring you a weekly update every Monday. I won't promise!

Wish me luck....

Just to save you hopping around, today's LOVELINESS was an afternoon at Mells Daffodil Festival. The sun shone, not only that it was warm, we were all feeling well (our house had been renamed 'the sick bay' for the last two weeks) and we had fun with our friends at an amazing festival in a tiny village nearby. Check out their website for more details. It was properly ace! 

And this picture sums it up for me - at the end of a sunny day, a hint of a cheeky grin from my biggest girl, peeking through the bunch of daffs, held by a pair of grubby hands. What could be lovelier??