Saturday, 13 September 2014

Me? Crazy?!

I love my friends, I really do! I especially love the ones - you know who you are - who, on receiving a slightly random request in a text message from me on a Friday afternoon, just smile to themselves and delve around in their recycling box hoping to help me out in my randomness! Yes, I'm like that. And my friends are like that too! Thank you.

Let me explain....

Next weekend I'm organising (or perhaps I should say 'curating' according to the new buzz word on organising events!) an Afternoon Tea Party for a friend's 40th birthday. I'm gathering vintage crockery & tablecloths, baking cakes, working out exactly how many sandwiches we'll need and just where I'm going to store the numerous tissue pom-poms required to decorate the space, as well as furiously making bunting and worrying about whether there will be enough food, and and and...the list goes on.

But on Friday I decided I needed to work out the easiest - and cheapest - way to put a few flowers on each table. Glasses, maybe. Spice jars, too small. Jam jars, maybe. In a flash I realised the answer - tin cans, covered in tissue paper with an added paper doiley! Yippee! Simple, yet pretty and pretty much cost-free. Provided I could find some cans of course!! My friends really are ace - I managed to get 8 out of the 12 needed and have now procured the rest!

Here's what I've done with them....

Start with a clean tin can, outside paper removed.

Pick your favourite colour of tissue paper and cut a piece to size.

I think for these cans the paper needed to be 110 x 250mm

Take your can and cover it in PVA glue. Carefully place the tissue paper on the can. Line it up with either the top or the bottom and smooth it around the can.

Once in place, paint some more PVA over the top of the paper to add a varnish. Allow to dry.

Next, take your paper doiley and cut it in half.

Carefully put some PVA onto the outside of the can & place the doiley on top. Smooth into place. 


Leave to dry, then add some flowers and water. 


Now I'm off to count how many vintage plates I have in my garage...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! They looked so lovely on the tables, filled with sweet peas and some garden greenery.

  2. You are so clever Jo. Wish you were organising my tea party! Love the inventiveness with the tins. They look super cute and I love the way the texture of the ridges shows through. Adorable! The tins are cute too :-)

    1. Ha, thanks, Rach! I'd happily come and organise your tea party! Might be a bit of a long way to travel though.... :-)


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