Saturday, 3 March 2012

Picture the scene...

This is pretty much my evening:

The girls are in bed, pre-dinner lemondrop martini in hand, homemade cannelloni for dinner - about to be served, catching up on The Good Wife (season 2) on my laptop, waiting for the glue to dry on my newly covered tins (photos tomorrow when they're dry), ham cooking in the oven, lavender stewing in milk ready for making lavender cupcakes tomorrow, a pile of cut-out pieces of Laura Ashely fabric waiting to be sewn, oh, and some binocular pieces waiting for the finishing touches for Monday's Little Me toddlers. Phew! I think I might forget the ironing for tonight...

All thoughts of an early night shattered. (But I'm loving it!)

Hope you're having as much fun where you are!

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