Monday, 20 June 2011

Sunday lunch - at teatime!

I love Sunday lunch - a roast of some description followed by a proper pudding - although I must admit I'm not terribly good at doing it. Whenever I do, I really wish I was more organised and cook it every week...maybe when I'm a proper grown-up!?

This week we had roast chicken, stuffing, roast potatoes, lots of vegetables, and of course gravy! It would have been at lunchtime but Daddy was out on his bike and we girls were late leaving Grampy's after church. So tea-time it was instead and delicious it was too.

One of the things I found whilst carving the chicken was the little wishbone and remembered a non-broken wishbone was always a treat to pull with my mum. I thought about the way she hooked her little finger around the bone before me and we would both close our eyes and wish, regardless of who got the bigger piece. I'd forgotten all about it. How nice to remember lovely things like that.

Four clean plates (Isabel having had a second plateful!) later, we all enjoyed an ice-cream cone with sprinkles on top (our current favourite pudding). Yum!

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