Sunday, 12 June 2011


Well, that was the easiest a zip has ever gone into a dress! Which is just as well really given that the bride is coming in a hour for a final pretend dress fit! Hee hee!

Reality kicked in at the end of last week when I realised that if we were celebrating my Dad's birthday, it must be 9th June (HB, Papaji!) and that meant only one month until my "Still 40" celebrations (I'll be 41 the day after!!) and, above all else, that means one month until the wedding....and the dress hasn't even been cut out yet! Eek!

All necessary parts are now here and after tonight's fitting, it's all systems go. I'm on a mission to see just how much I can do in one week. It would be lovely to complete it, but I won't be too optimisitic.....

Wish me luck and say some prayers....

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