Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Last week's Lovely Things!

Hello! It's been a while! I hope you haven't felt too abandoned!

Summer time is a bit crazy around here and this year was particularly full on. That's a great story that I'll tell you all about another time.

Now, though, the kids are back to school and it feels like the beginning of a new year; time to reflect on last year and time to think about this coming year. What worked? What didn't? What will we change to improve things for all of us? 

I'm masterplanning some changes in the house - we haven't done ANY decorating for TEN years and it's really looking like it! It'll probably take another ten years to get it all done, but step by step it'll happen. You'll probably get to hear about some of that in due course. I'm also enjoying the last of the summer sunshine. The mornings are feeling more autumnal but the sun is still shining - and long may that last.

Both girls are in the top year of their school. I remember that feeling very well. Being in the final year of primary school, you have a sense of knowing everything, being King Pin, top of the school, and realising that change is coming and soon you'll be onto the next big life adventure. As the child, that's fantastic - I couldn't wait to be more grown-up. From my perspective as her mum, well, that's a little more daunting and nerve-wracking. Eek! It is right and proper, of course and it will be good. All part of life!

Here is the first instalment in "Last Week's Lovely Things" - a look back on last week and five of the things that brought me joy. I'm going to try to post regularly on a Monday. Somehow that time-thief came again and it's Wednesday already....


Rainbows are just SO beautiful. Whenever I see one, I want to look to see if I can find the end of it. Where IS that pot of gold?! 

On Saturday morning, we were in Cornwall and caught a glimpse of a rainbow through the kitchen window. What an absolute marvel to find this beauty when we properly looked outside. Wow! So very lovely. I still can't quite believe how amazing it is.

That's one of the joys of showery days - rainbows pop up everywhere, albeit usually a tiny snippet for a fleeting moment. 


September is a busy birthday month in our family. I love birthdays - plenty of opportunity for present-wrapping, party planning, decorating and cake baking! Our smallest had very specific ideas for her birthday cake. Thankfully she was happy with what I produced for her. I even made some lovely sprinkle shortbread biscuits too. More on those another time! 


It's no secret that I LOVE the sunshine. I particularly love sunshine with some warmth, but I'll take sunshine any time, even with a breeze. We were lucky to be in Cornwall this weekend and the sun shone! Hooray, hooray! 

(We even managed a quick swim in the sea on Sunday. It was pretty cold, especially as we were the only ones without a wet suit! Thankfully, there is no photographic evidence!)

Daymer Bay, Cornwall
Playing on the beach whilst waiting for the ferry at Rock.


Changing seasons means changing weather. This last week has seen some cold mornings, but some glorious sunshine too. The best kind of Autumn days.

Dodging the rain on Saturday meant some unexpected and lovely treats. 

We were wandering the harbour area in Padstow when the first shower hit us, so we popped into The National Lobster Hatchery. What a lovely place! I highly recommend a visit if you're in the neighbourhood.

Baby Blue Lobster

Thankfully the skies decided to turn black around lunchtime and we were just near Rick Stein's Fish CafĂ©. What's not to like about a box of delicious cod and chips - with a side order of mushy peas, of course! Yum!

Hiding from the camera.

Rick Stein's Fish


Blackberry picking and conker collecting - those are clear signs that the seasons are changing. This last week has felt as if Summer isn't quite ready to go, but Autumn is ready and waiting. 

Blackberry picking
Collecting conkers

That turned out to be somewhat longer than planned. Never mind, it was nice to chat with you!

Have a good rest of week.