Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Lovely labels!

This week is half term and we're really enjoying not having to rush out of the door to school every morning. We're trying to have a relaxed week around and about the home and are looking forward to friends visiting towards the end of the week.

This has sent me into a slight Christmas panic as my friend, being so much more organised than me, is bringing a stash of presents! Eek! Before yesterday all I'd managed was to work out what the presents will look like once wrapped and labelled. Not terribly helpful when you have nothing to put in the bags!

And of course, it's all very well thinking about Christmas but there are so many birthdays before then. So, today, being a baby-free-day, Charlotte and I started on our labels for three upcoming birthdays. Auntie Jo, don't look at the photos below!

crafty concentration, shortly followed by a successful circle, which turned into a hearty flower

I have re-discovered stamps in the last few weeks. In my early crafting years I used stamps or lino cuts quite often but they've been hiding in a drawer for quite a while. As I attempt to organise all my craft bits and bobs, the contents of the drawer have revealed all its delights. I'm so excited! Charlotte's loving them too - she made these labels all by herself (with just a little guidance from Mum!)

And, don't you think the wrapped present looks sweet? 

Charlotte's special request for this M&C day was to have tea out somewhere so we'll be off shortly to find some food! Bon Appetit!