Monday, 30 May 2011


Another Bank Holiday Weekend and I think I'm the only person grateful for the rain! The turf was laid last week in our newly levelled garden and, thanks to the rain, the responsibility of keeping it watered and giving it a good chance to bed down isn't mine. Phew!

The downside is that the ActionAid Table Top Sale on Saturday morning wasn't well populated. However, I did still manage to sell a few things AND make a bit of money too, so it wasn't too awful.

The photo isn't brillliant, but you get the idea....

And now, the Bank Holiday is almost over and school holiday begins. It seems only yesterday that they were going back after the Easter holidays. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be fun. Chaotic at times and hopefully NOT rainy but lots of fun!


Can you believe it? Thursday 26th May was our 10th Wedding Anniversary. How did that happen? Somehow it seems ages ago and yet, not that long at all...

The last 10 years have been full of change, not least the arrival of two beautiful girls (lovely beyond belief). I can't imagine the next being quite so eventful. I'm not sure that's such a bad thing though.

Thanks for the last ten, husband dear, and here's to the next. x

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Slowly, slowly....

Well, it's been a while since my last post, which is mostly because not a lot has happened on the wedding dress front. Now all of a sudden, you'll be pleased to know, we're off and running!

The pretend dress was pinned and cut out a couple of weeks ago - special thanks to Charlotte for helping with the pinning - and then it sat in it's special box waiting for some attention...and waiting...and waiting....

Lots of other lovely things happened in between, of course... like receiving a stash of vintage Laura Ashley material that a friend found in her attic! Can you believe it?! Talk about palpitations! My brain has now gone into overdrive creating all sorts of stuff with the various colours and material types. First up, though was a green dress for C to wear to school for Green Day last Friday. We don't really 'do' green in our house so that was a challenge. She was thrilled with her dress, although my handsewing wasn't up to much - the popper came unstitched so the belt didn't stay on all day. She didn't seem to mind though, thankfully!

And, most exciting, our front door has finally been painted. We've only been here for ten years! The front of our house no longer looks like a student house! Evidence herewith. Thanks to Farrow & Ball for providing the very lovely Pelt colour. Since this pic, there is now a very stylish 'three' in the glass above the door. Yippee!

And today, what an exciting morning! After dropping the girls off at school and nursery, I sewed the pretend dress, just in time for the bride-to-be to try it on before heading to the material shop to purchase the proper stuff. Talk about cutting it fine!

Hooray, hooray, B2B (wow, it really is the right name for you, Jess!) is a perfect 10 - not the mix of sizes the pattern measurements predicted (thank goodness says the dressmaker!). It is SO the perfect style for this B2B and I'm SO excited about making it.

We trotted off to the shop, stroked the material a lot and then bought all the gubbings for said item - silk, lining, bones, interfacing, thread. No zip available but I'll get that elsewhere. How truly fabulous.

All followed up by a delicious coffee and croissant in a fab little coffee shop that I knew nothing about. It's a bit tiny so probably not suitable with kids, but hey, mummys need some secret places sometimes too!

After all that excitement, I now need to do the much more mundane house cleaning! I can think of a hundred lovely things I'd rather be doing.....

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Thursday Night Madness

Today I had the crazy idea that writing a blog might be a good idea! Why? Why writing? Or why crazy? Both, probably....

Crazy, because I don't really "do" writing - not for public consumption anyway. The "Why" is easier-ish....I'm making a wedding dress for a friend (who is getting married in about 8 weeks!) and I thought it might be fun/interesting to record what happens along this crazy road. I'm not a seamstress and certainly not a wedding dress maker, so it could be interesting. Or not!

I think I'll be adding other things along the way too, otherwise you'll be mighty bored....