Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Procrastinate no more!

Finally, after much talk and deliberation, and an unsleeping baby, the dressmaking has begun!

Stage One - the cutting of the silk took place this afternoon.

Stage Two - the sewing of the silk incorporating the sewing of the zip (my biggest fear) should have taken place tonight except that the unsleeping baby, who, after much singing to and chatting with her toys (basically procrastinating - can't think where does she gets that?) went to sleep at the last minute and then had to be woken to go and get her big sister from school, cried very loudly and very insistently for most of the afternoon and evening and made her mummy too exhausted to do much other than eat pretzels and drink white wine. I do find a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc helps the recovery process. Then it was time for Luther. Oh, how I love Luther! The long awaited second series started on BBC One tonight. And now, I'm exhausted again! 

Tomorrow is another day and I WILL sew - and hopefully cut, and sew and sew....

Night all! x

PS Proof that the silk was at least laid out ready to cut

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